Although there are gigantic amount of Syrian media outlets which are all well funded, none of the available, well designed and advanced digital marketing & promotion tools and methods is being used, knowing that such tools and methods can empower the interactivity and impact of linking Media outlets to the proper audience.

WEEDOO value digital promotion because of its outstanding importance, and since we have our own system which is linked to the database we created, we are capable of providing the proper needed consultancy to improve the quality of content of media outlets, together with more details related consultancies; For example, regarding SEO management and social media ads; we can achieve the improvement tough setting an accurate work strategy and implement an international standards compatible promoting plan, which guarantees coordinated and strict management ability for the media content that increases the impact and reachability of the published content, which forms the base of our work, where we build our plans to increase the spread of content among wider categories of audience, considering the importance of rationalizing and standardizing digital publishing criteria with what goes along with standards of main international servers, search engines and social media networks, which guarantees a better material quality for audience and more fruitful business for business owners.

Through our up to date  studies and statistics, we could clearly expose the lack of experience in categorizing content on the web which local media experts have, which resulted in outstanding weakness in making visual and audio content easy to reach, and decreasing the audience of this kind of production, which led to a huge lack in interactivity between audience and media.

WEEDOO team has prepared several options of methods to avoid the gaps of media production and publishing, methods such as consultancies regarding promotion campaign startups and launches especially for audio & video production, that guarantees achieving bigger numbers of audience on the international media websites such as youtube, and reach more listeners on audio publishing websites such as Soundcloud and Tunein.

WEEDOO technical team is supported by media workers who are specialized in reachability mechanisms and professional means of publishing, to achieve development and promotion extensive campaigns and create brand new publishing platforms with high rate of audience for Soundcloud, Tunein and similar websites links that can reflect the increasing size of the growing business.