Map of the FM Radio Broadcasters in Syria:

Firstly, we worked on creating an interactive Map of the FM Radio Broadcasters in Syria:

Our team conducted a geographical sweep to frequencies of 49 stations in different areas, for the periods between the 15 April – 4 July 2016 and also from the 1 June – 9 August 2016. Monitors in WEEDOO, along with monitors and technicians across Syria cross-referenced several of sources for data in each of the areas covered by the investigative sweep, measuring different times throughout the day, keeping in mind the conditions of broadcasting and reception. We have divided each province (governorate) of Syria into various sectors between rural and metropolitan. Note that we relied solely on frequencies identified on each station’s’ own website.

In surveying FM radio broadcasters in Syria, we have identified the following issues:
  • First of all. the highest coverage percentages for radios are distributed between the provinces of Aleppo and Rural Damascus with 21 radios each. Followed by Damascus province with 20 radios, then Idlib with 18, Lattakia and Hasakeh at 13, Tartous and Hama with 10. Then Suweida by 9, Homs by 8, Dar’aa by 3 and Quneitra by 2. Last of all is Raqqah and Deir al-Zor, where one radio has restricted and monopolized their airwaves, “Al-Bayan” Radio – affiliated to the IS organization.
  • In the second place, it is well known in the Syrian radio industry that the Islamic State organization (IS) has thus far been able to prevent any radio other than its own from broadcast from areas under its control. The fate of both regime-run and opposition-run radios was similar. Meanwhile, civilian residents of areas under IS’ control cannot listen to any other radio except for “al-Bayan,” the organization’s official radio channel.
  • Furthermore, our research has observed the relative strength of radios backed by militias, or supported militarily. For example: Radio Damascus and Sawt al-Sha’b; of the Assad regime, Nour al-Islam radio in Damascus countryside; of the opposition faction Jaish al-Islam; the station Radio Of The Al-Tahrir Islamic Party,which is active militarily and preaching in Syria; the radio station Do’at al-Jihad(Preachers of Jihad,) which is affiliated with Jabhat Fateh al-Sham organization; Rojava Radio, affiliated with the military wing of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD); and Al-Nour Radio, the affiliate of the Lebanese Hezbollah militia, as well as Al-Bayan Radio which is managed by the IS organization.
  • Except for Deir al-Zor and Raqqah governorates, the strongest broadcast we monitored was by radios working from studios in regime controlled areas, numbering 25 radios. In result, high quality broadcasting radio are the following (not in order): (Radio Damascus), People’s Voice(Sawt al-Sha’b), Youth Voice (Sawt al-Shabab), (Sham FM) and (al-Madina FM).
  • Opposition-run radio stations in Syria number more than 30; Radio Al-Aan FM tops the ranking with coverage over 7 provinces, followed by Orient Radio with coverage in 5 governorates. Except for Al-Aan and Orient Radio, which are well-funded and have a developed infrastructure, the remaining radios hold in common some key identifying characteristics: lack of funding, low listenership percentages, and limited coverage areas  often not exceeding one neighborhood, or a city or two in most cases. Hizb al-Tahrir and al-Sham al-Da’awia radio stations are a relative exception to this weak trend, with a coverage range of 4 provinces (15 km.)
Map of the FM Radio Broadcasters in Syria:
By clicking on radio stations names and provinces you may get detailed information on FM coverage in Syrian provinces.


At the end, for more details about Syrian FM Broadcasters, You can read the full study:
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