Considering the crucial role that Media expert statistics can play, and the massive need for accurate numbers and professional studies related to the widely used Media outlets in Syria and region, it’s still almost impossible to find essential Media studies and statistics that can lead to expose the real new shape of media in our region and troubleshoot its problems.

Therefore, WEEDOO team was able to achieve accurate data tracking procedure and analyse it using the wide experience WEEDOO team gained through working in the field for the last six years; and after cross checking the information with WEEDOO wide network inside Syria, which includes media workers, journalists, data collectors, reporters and civil society stakeholders, and with the help of our softwares which were designed especially to fit their mission, WEEDOO framed up the ability to measure the strength and accessibility of any traditional or modern Syrian media outlet.

During the last two years, WEEDOO collected the most specific and updated list of statistics, studies and surveys related to digital media, and now we believe it’s time to get the research output out to the light and start an age of media accurate monitoring and evaluation that can lead to troubleshoot our media outlets and put them back to professional standards.