Number of Listeners Internet Radio Broadcaster In Syria

Number of Listeners Internet Radio Broadcaster In Syria

We collected the number of listeners through the month of March 2014, then again in March 2015, and in the period between 10 April – 10 June 2016, and lastly in the period between the 24 July – 9 August 2016. It is common knowledge now that a new field of work has emerged called “listenership-internet radio”.

This measurement method works by communicating with host servers to measure the number of listeners tuned in to an internet radio broadcast. The monitoring node an update on these numbers every minute through specialized software applications. Utilizing this method, the WEEDOO team designed a proprietary software application that communicates with the host servers of 37 online media outlets, to measure their average listenership per minute.

The numbers here do not include: Radio Fresh, Radio Rozna, Radio Shibak and Damascus Radio. Other radios that do not broadcast on the internet and rely solely on FM frequencies and were thus not included in this study are: (Nour al Islam) station, the official radio for Jaish al-Islam faction, (Preachers of Jihad) the official radio for the Fateh al-Sham organization, as well as Kurdish stations (Jin FM) and (Rojava), and the IS radio station (al-Bayan) and the local government-run station (Zenobia) in Homs.

As for average listenership per minute, the combined listenership of all Syrian radios did not surpass 2,000 listeners in the period between the 10 May till the 10th of June. And the number of listeners in all Syrian radios online decreased in the period between the 24th of June till the 9th of August to reach 1,719.

Sham FM Radio is in the lead over Syrian radios in listenership numbers online. Sham FM recorded an average of 330 listeners per minute, in the first period of 2016; 262 listeners in the second period; and 334 listeners during the same period of 2015, down by about 200 from its average of 533 listeners per minute in May 2014.

Al-Madina FM came in second, with an average of 169 and 128 listeners per minute in the two monitored period of 2016 respectively. 76 listeners per minute for May 2015, and 125 listeners on average per minute for May 2014.

During the period between 10 May – 10 June 2016 Arta FM radio ranks the 3rd in listenership level, with an average of 30 listeners per minute. For the second period of the survey, Arta FM radio ranked the 3rd place too reaching 36 listeners per minute.

Nasaim Syria Radio ranks next to Arta FM radio, with an average of 28 listeners per minute in the first period and 26 for the seconde periode.

Listenership levels varied for 8 Syrian radios between 10 to 20 listeners per minute, while seven station had between 5-10 listeners per minute. 18 radios did not average more than 5 listeners per minute. One listener after peak time was common for many, monitored by our experts during the research times.

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