Website Traffic Isn't Growing

Reasons Your Website Traffic Isn’t Growing

Website Traffic Isn’t Growing

Most online entrepreneurs pour resources into marketing and advertising strategies to attract more traffic to their websites—but what happens when your traffic doesn’t grow, no matter what you try? Why isn’t your traffic growing?

There are so many variables in the world of online marketing, I couldn’t possibly give you a definitive reason.


1. Website Traffic Isn’t Growing – Your site has been periodically going down.

If you’ve been studying your traffic patterns for months and you’re not seeing any traffic growth, it’s unlikely you’ve gone that long without noticing your site is down, but don’t rule it out as a possibility. Depending on your hosting provider and the nature of your site, all it takes is a few hiccups resulting in repeated downtime to significantly hurt your organic search visibility. Think about it—do you really check your site every day? Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to check. You can use Google’s own Search Console.

2. Website Traffic Isn’t Growing – You haven’t announced your website launch.

If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one around to hear it, does it make a sound? That’s debatable. If a website launches and nobody announces it, is it going to attract visitors? Absolutely not. When you first launch your website (or maybe shortly thereafter) you need to announce it formally and loudly—you can write and submit a press release via a service like PRWeb, or rely on organic means like social media promotion. But in any case, you need to get the word out.

3. Website Traffic Isn’t Growing – You aren’t offering anything of value.

This is more of a business problem than an online marketing problem, but it’s still central to your website’s ability to generate traffic. When people visit a website, they’re looking for some kind of value—that might be in the form of information they need, products they want to buy, or even just simple entertainment. Whatever the case, they don’t waste time on sites that don’t offer them any of the above. Accordingly, you need to do your market research ahead of time and make sure you’re able to provide a specific target niche with something they’re truly going to appreciate. For help figuring out whether your content offers value or not, see The 12 Essential Elements of High-Quality Content.

4. Website Traffic Isn’t Growing – You aren’t saying anything new.

This is another problem that says more about your business in general than your overall marketing strategies. Assume for a moment that you’re offering something of value—but you have a competitor who’s already been offering it for years. Why would people go to you instead? Obviously, you’re going to have some competitive overlap, so you’ll have to go out of your way to differentiate yourself. What makes your brand unique? more valuable? What can you say or do that’s never been said or done before? It’s a hard question, but a necessary one if you want to grow your traffic.

5. Website Traffic Isn’t Growing – You have an “if you build it” mentality.

This is a problem I consistently see with new entrepreneurs. The idea here is that so long as you have a good idea, and a good website to support it, eventually the traffic will come flocking in. And in an ideal world, this would hold true—good ideas would naturally be supported by audiences. The problem is initial discovery; once people start to catch on, any good idea will spread, but you need to seed those first few adopters if you want to succeed. That’s where marketing and advertising come in; if you aren’t going out of your way to get yourself in front of an initial target audience, you’re going to lose out. For help getting exposure to that initial audience, see Content Unleashed: The Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your Published Content.

6. Your site can’t be found (easily) in search engines.

One of your best options for attracting new traffic is via search engine optimization (SEO). The potential traffic growth here is extraordinary, but you won’t be getting a single visitor unless those search engines know you exist, and have good reason to rank you highly in search results. For help setting up your SEO campaign, see this fundamental guide to SEO.

7. Website Traffic Isn’t Growing – You don’t have a consistent brand.

Users might be avoiding you if you don’t have a consistent identity. This is a sign that you know what you’re doing, and it defines you as a brand, giving users trust and some sense of accountability. It also serves as the foundation for all your marketing strategies. If your brand is inconsistent, or if there’s no clear characteristics present throughout your marketing campaigns, they may feel thrown off, or think that your company is amateurish, instantly lowering the value of your investments. For help, see Why You Need a Brand Audit (and How to Perform One).

8. Website Traffic Isn’t Growing – Your brand isn’t optimized for a target audience.

Let’s say you do have a consistent brand—was it developed based on your whims, or based on what your target audience would want to see? There’s a critical difference here. Brands should deliver something that consumers want or need, catering to a specific demographic and relaying messages that resound with that demographic. If you haven’t at least developed a customer persona to help you build a brand, that’s a good place to start.

9. Website Traffic Isn’t Growing – Your brand isn’t present throughout the site.

Your brand isn’t just something that exists in the abstract sense, or something you can toggle on and off—it needs to be present, and consistently, throughout your site if you want to attract more visitors. At the very least, your logo and company colors should be visible, and your “brand voice” should be interwoven with the content throughout your pages. You should also create space to show off your company mission statement, vision, and core values—otherwise, you’ll miss out on some serious returning visitor traffic and you’ll have a harder time growing your reputation.

10. Website Traffic Isn’t Growing – Your site is poorly designed.

Sometimes, there’s no excuse other than a “bad” design. It’s difficult to concretely define, but you’ll know it when you see it. This is often the case, but there are some principles of “bad” design you’ll deliberately need to avoid. Design that’s overcrowded, tacky, hard to look at, non-interactive, or poorly thought out will have a hard time attracting any traffic at all. Make sure you work with a professional, or at least use a nice template when building your site. Poor site design affects your organic search visibility, the potential for your content to be shared by your visitors, and the rate at which visitors return.

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