The Most visited websites in Syria August 2016

During the month of August 2016, we measured internet traffic from inside Syria. We put together an updated list of the 25 most-visited websites Syria. It’s worth mentioning that this doesn’t represent the highest-ranking Syrian websites, as it is sometimes misunderstood. The Alexa listing of the strongest websites internationally depends on a number of other factors.

According to Alexa, search engines and social media websites are the top visited by Syrians, Then by Wikipedia, Hotmail and Yahoo respectively. These results are generally consistent with all countries, as internet visitors share similar internet activities. Followed by websites that offer chances of making money SUCH AS Number four is the porno website  XNXX, and right behind the website of Russia Today,

The Most Visited Syrian News Websites In Syria:

Syria Now website comes first on the list of the most visited Syrian News Websites. Followed by the website of SANA (Syrian Arab News Agency) and then the website of Sham Times, that works from regime-controlled areas.

Note: No Opposition-Leaning Websites Appear In The Top 25 List

The Syrian Regime imposed a total censorship on effectively all opposition websites, or anyone sympathizing with their stances. This censorship means that visitors inside Syria can only access these websites using proxy servers. It is important to point out that the use of Proxy and similar tools have become very popular in Syria, However, because the regime’s firewall is circumvented by routing their traffic through a “proxy” IP address in a second country,  such visitors’ access is not registered as coming from Syria. Because of these tools which are are used for privacy and anonymity, these visits are difficult or impossible to track, and are thus, unfortunately, not included in this repport. (VISITED WEBSITES SYRIA – AUGUST 2016.)

For more information, here’s the link of the updated list provided by Alexa:

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